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Gamethread 6/27: Phillies at Mets

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Just end this misery

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Seriously, just end this series.

The Phillies try to salvage a split by taking on the Mets today. In a series that has featured a cornucopia of Philadelphia miscues (bullpen, fielding, managerial misfires, lack of offense), today offers a new day for the Phillies to lose a game in a brand new way.

Oh the possibilities!

Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

Bryce Harper is out of the lineup, which probably forces Odubel Herrera back into the lineup. He has been terrible lately and needs to sit a day, but with Travis Jankowski needed to replace Harper, they don’t have a centerfield option.

At least they have Zack Wheeler.

For the Mets:

Oh cool, a Stroman start. Should go well.

Let’s talk about it.