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Gamethread 6/28: Phillies at Reds

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A brief stop in Cincinnati to make a game up

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies head to Cincinnati to finish up their trip from earlier in the year that got rained out. If you remember, the last time these two teams met up, there was an offensive explosion from the Phillies that propelled them to great heights with the bats.

Yeah right.

Tonight, they’ll attempt to keep up yesterday’s momentum and win two games in a row. Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

Good news: Bryce Harper is in!

Bad news: J.T. Realmuto is out.

Andrew McCutchen gets bumped up to the third spot in the order as he’s looked much better lately. Of course, he should be leading off, but Odubel Herrera still occupies that spot.

You’d think by now, they would just list Bailey Falter along with Spencer Howard as the starting pitcher, but who knows.

For the Reds:

Here’s hoping Wade Miley forgets his no-hit stuff at home tonight.

Let’s talk about it (and vote for Bryce).