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Rise and Phight: 6/29/2021

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Let’s just keep the piggyback roles where they are

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Spencer Howard threw only 2 13 innings, which was followed by Bailey Falter’s own 4 innings. This is the situation the Phillies were talking about when they brought up Howard and Falter to the big leagues, a situation where they would both be able to get innings in, but not be too exposed. Last night, Howard gave up the two runs to the Reds, then was followed by Falter’s outstanding effort where he only allowed one, that one be allowed by Neftali Feliz.

It is tempting to switch roles and make Falter a full time starter, putting Howard in the bullpen, but it’s probably the smarter thing to keep piggybacking both pitchers based on the lineups submitted by the opposing team. If you recall a few years ago in the playoffs, the Dodgers stacked a lineup full of left handers to face a Brewers opener who was right handed, only to have Craig Counsell hook that pitcher after one batter. It’s something that might only work in the playoffs since neither Howard or Falter would be expected to face only one batter, but giving each pitcher only about 2-3 innings before being switched out might be their best chance at finding success. Of course the game would dictate the usage (you aren’t taking out a guy who is cruising through 4 innings, right Joe?)

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