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Gamethread 6/29: Marlins at Phillies

They need these three games. Badly.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

To say that the Phillies need to win these three games in Philadelphia is an understatement. The fans are getting angry at not only the manager, but also the players for a perceived lack of effort on their part. Calls for a retool, or at worst a rebuild, are growing louder by the day and with the current way they are playing, it’s becoming harder to not dismiss the idea out of hand. Beating the Marlins in this series won’t win the pennant, but it will go a long way toward giving some confidence back to the fans that the players do in fact care about playing well each and every night after all.

Tonight, they’ll begin said series in Philadelphia against the Marlins, sending Vince Velasquez to the hill to open it all up. Here are the lineups for the game. For the Phillies:

As we said, Velasquez is starting the game for the Phillies, desperate to make sure he goes at least five solid innings for a team that wishes to avoid using their bullpen for longer than nine outs.

For the Marlins;

Miami has already kicked off the summer trading season today and will lead the way tonight with burgeoning Phillie killer Jazz Chisholm.

Let’s talk about it and hope we don’t see too much bullpen tonight.