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Monday musings

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Another day off. Better get used to these in June

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The first of many off days in June for the Phillies. Let’s fill the day with some random thoughts about the team.

  • The solution to Alec Bohm’s struggles so far this year seems so easy, yet looks so difficult to do. It’s inarguable that he has seen a serious sophomore struggle. He’s been pretty bad offensively and defensively, affecting the way the team has played. It would be so simple to just send him down to Lehigh Valley and give his spot to either Brad Miller or Ronald Torreyes or both, especially now that Bryce Harper is back in the lineup. So why haven’t they done this? Why is Bohm still here? It probably has a lot to do with confidence and the fact that the team doesn’t want him to lose it right now. His last ten games have been brutal (.152/.263/.152 in 38 plate appearances) and if you take out his much needed three hit game against Cincinnati last Tuesday, he has had three hits since May 19. That just can’t happen. Joe Girardi has taken to sitting him more often lately, but at some point, some point soon, the team needs to rip the Band-aid off and just sent him to Triple-A to get regular, low pressure at bats to rebuild whatever they can out of him. Hopefully they do that before it’s too late.
  • Who do you trust most in the bullpen right now? They haven’t been overwhelmingly bad like they were last year, but there just seems to be a certain lack of trust of anyone to get anybody out with regularity. Sam Coonrod has been very good this year outside of a few hiccups, Connor Brogdon has had moments where he could considered reliable and Hector Neris has had a Hector Neris season. But outside of that trio, I’m not sure there is anyone else I would trust with a lead. They’ve been getting it done more often than not, especially on Saturday when they were quite good in relief of Spencer Howard, but the trust still isn’t there yet. At least it’s better than last year.
  • Can we please just extend Brad Miller already? Just give him a one-year deal and be done with it. Even if they choose to retool this season, Miller can still be a valuable player next year. He truly has a good case for team MVP this year if it weren’t for Zack Wheeler. Let’s just give Miller that extra year of security. It’s the smart thing to do.
  • Looks like we are nearing the end of Brandon Kintzler’s tenure here in Philadelphia. Another minor league signing that hasn’t really gone right for the team, but that is why you make these minor league signings. Earlier I wrote about how the team hasn’t been very good at doing these types of deals, but it’s not as though much should be expected. Signing older players to minor league deals means you’re looking to hit lightning in a bottle, sometimes more than once. Identifying the right players to catch that lightning is all the issue and on the surface, choosing Kintzler and Matt Joyce seemed like good players to roll the dice on. They just haven’t worked out. Kintzler now has an ERA over 8, Joyce has an OPS under .550 and it looks like it’s time to cut bait soon.