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Rise and Phight: 7/12/2021

We were on a break!

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Philadelphia Phillies v Boston Red Sox Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Still really impressed by the job the bullpen did yesterday, particularly Cristopher Sanchez. Getting the call probably late Saturday night that he would be needed in Boston, Sanchez was able to come on in relief yesterday and be the bulk innings guy that Joe Girardi would need due to his needing to use an opener in the game. His line of 3 innings pitched, four hits and one run allowed doesn’t scream “effective”, but it was more than enough for the team. Had he come in and pitched poorly, yesterday’s game could have gone much worse than it did. Instead, he kind of set up the rest of the available bullpen in a way that Girardi could use them without any misstep. Having Suarez able to go more than one inning helped as well, but Sanchez’s contribution shouldn’t go unnoticed.

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