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Phillies Trade Deadline Buyers Guide: Hitting

Big upgrades are going to be available, do the Phillies pull the trigger to boost their offense for the 2nd half?

Philadelphia Phillies v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Kris Bryant (3B/OF)

2021 Stats: 81 GP, 16 HR, 46 RBI, 4 SB, .271/.353/.502, 1.9 rWAR

You are going to be hearing this name...a lot in the next couple weeks. The Cubs are in free-fall mode and its hard to imagine that Jed Hoyer won’t look to unload some pending free agents. After a down year in 2020, Bryant is back on pace to have one of his best offensive seasons since his MVP campaign back in 2016. He certainly isn’t the best defensive option at 3rd base anymore, but his flexibility to play anywhere in the OF makes him a very attractive option to the Phillies. Said Phillies have serious question marks at both 3rd and CF where Alec Bohm and Odubel Herrera (among other CFers) have struggled this season. He is a pending FA, so this would be a pure rental.

Suggested Trade Package:

Phillies: Kris Bryant
Cubs: Luis Garcia, Adonis Medina, Ethan Lindow, Kendall Simmons

Would The Good Phight do this trade?

Jay Polinsky: In a heartbeat and I’m someone that is hesitant to let someone like Garcia go, but that is the price to pay. But is Garcia and the rest listed above enough? Perhaps if you agree to take another high priced contract off their Craig would. More on him in a future piece...

Ethan Witte: I would do this in a second. I know people that are prospect people that love Garcia, but I’m not 100% sold he’s going to hit enough in the major leagues no matter how good he is as a defender. Freddy Galvis can at least pop home runs every now and then to compliment his glove, but I’m not even sure Garcia can do that. Plus, when you have prospects like him, you move him for an impact talent. Bryant is an impact talent. He’d be a little bit of a round peg in a square hole defensively (third? leftfield? centerfield?), but if he could fake being a centerfielder for 3 months, the price of Garcia and a few complimentary pieces is paltry in comparison.

Leo Morgenstern: Yes. As far as I’m concerned, Bryant is the ideal position player target for the Phillies at the deadline this year. If they can acquire him without giving up Howard, Abel, Stott, or Morales, then they have no excuse not to do it.

Allie Foster: This deal feels very “Sixto Sanchez for JT Realmuto” to me, and since that trade turned out extremely well for the Phillies, I like it a lot. He has also said that he prefers center field at this point, which is an even bigger bonus since that’s where the Phillies’ lineup needs the most help at this moment. My only concern is that, unlike when the Phillies acquired Realmuto, Bryant is a free agent at the end of this season. That could be a lot to give up if it turns out to only be a half-season rental situation. If the Phillies can use the half season to extend Bryant, though, this is an outstanding deal that I would make in a heartbeat.

Starling Marte (OF)

2021 Stats: 52 GP, 6 HR, 18 RBI, 17 SB, .272/.383/.414, 2.0 rWAR

While Odubel Herrera had a hot start since being called back up to the majors, since his 2 homer game on 6/1, he is batting .205/.233/.330 in 120 plate appearances with 22 strikeouts to 3 walks. He has been the old Herrera we know and love. Meanwhile, the former Marlin Starling Marte has been putting up numbers worthy of batting in a leadoff spot and saving his manager from himself. He had some injury issues at the beginning of the season (missing most of May), but has managed to stay on the field since. Marte has the flexibility to play anywhere in the OF, but has played mostly CF the last couple seasons. As a pending FA, Marte would also be a pure rental.

Suggested Trade Package:

Phillies: Starling Marte
Marlins: Simon Muzziotti, James McArthur

Would The Good Phight do this trade?

Jay Polinsky: I’ve had my eyes on Marte a few weeks in to the season. Knowing he would likely be available given its the Marlins and a pending free agent made it a no-doubter given his success this season thus far. Marte is immediately a huge upgrade to Herrera in CF and not a long-term commitment if you decide to go another direction in the offseason.

Ethan Witte: Marte’s season so far feels like that classic platform year performance. I’d have no issues trading either Muzziotti or McArthur, but something about Marte makes a teensy bit hesitant. The last thing this team needs is another guy who strikes out a bunch (though they have been much, much better), but seeing as how he’d only be a rental, I’d probably grit my teeth and agree.

Leo Morgenstern: Yes, make this deal. Starling Marte wouldn’t provide the offensive boost that Kris Bryant or Joey Gallo would, but he has the clearest path to playing time, and he would bring some stability to what has been a very unreliable position this year for the Phillies.

Allie Foster: I’d say yes. The Phillies need a reliable leadoff hitter and that alone makes this trade extremely attractive. My only concern with this deal is the same concern I have with the above Bryant proposal. However, I’m much more likely to pull the trigger on this one without the guarantee of an extension.

Joey Gallo (OF)

2021 Stats: 84 GP, 24 HR, 52 RBI, 6 SB, .239/.402/.522, 3.9 rWAR

Texas Rangers have to be sellers, right? They are nearly 20 games out of first place with not a whole lot of positive future outlook if we are being honest. Gallo is still an absolute masher at the plate that is very much a three true outcomes player (homer, walk, strikeout). While he mostly plays RF, he has some experience in CF which would be a huge selling point for the Phillies if he can fake it there. His acquisition comes with the huge upside that you are acquiring him for the rest of this season AND next. He could become a replacement for Cutch in LF or fill in a DH role if the NL moves in that direction this offseason.

Suggested Trade Package:

Phillies: Joey Gallo
Rangers: Spencer Howard, Simon Muzziotti, Adonis Medina, Logan O’Hoppe

Would The Good Phight do this trade?

Jay Polinsky: Long a favorite trade target for Phillies fans over the years because of his immense power and the team’s giant black hole at 3rd base. Even with him now off the position Gallo would still be a huge get with future impact. I’m not sure what the Rangers are looking for in a return, but Howard headlining should get it done.

Ethan Witte: This one would be a “no” for me. Now that they seem to be on a consistent path with what they want to do with Howard, I’d be content to give him one more chance in the rotation before giving up on him there. Even then, I’d put him in the bullpen to see if he can be a monster. While I do like Gallo, and none of the other parts of the deal are the issue, I’d value Howard a bit more going forward than Gallo.

Leo Morgenstern: I’m no prospect hugger, and I think Spencer Howard makes a lot of sense as a trade chip. But if Dave Dombrowski is going to trade Howard, he has to do so carefully, because he can only trade him once. Joey Gallo is an incredible hitter and he could be the missing piece that powers the Phillies past the Mets, so my answer right now is a very tentative yes.

Allie Foster: This is a big no for me, strictly for the Spencer Howard factor. Unlike Leo, I am a prospect hugger and even though Howard is a good trade chip, I don’t think it’s time to give up on him just yet. Between injuries and the weird COVID season last year, I don’t think they’ve had enough time to truly determine what they have with him. If he hasn’t progressed by this winter, I’d put him on the trade block. But I think they should continue to hold on to him until at least then.

Eduardo Escobar (2B/3B)

2021 Stats: 88 GP, 20 HR, 60 RBI, 1 SB, .254/.301/.785, 1.8 rWAR

But Jay, we already have a 3B...right? Well as we all know Alec Bohm’s sophomore season hasn’t gone great. He has hit well lately, but how long will that last? Acquiring a veteran like Escobar would take some of the pressure off him and add even more power to the already potent Phillies lineup. He is a free agent after this season and I’m sure Arizona will be looking to offload pieces sooner than later.

Suggested Trade Package:

Phillies: Eduardo Escobar
D-Backs: Kendall Simmons, Adonis Medina, Damon Jones

Would The Good Phight do this trade?

Jay Polinsky: This would be a safe move with a big impact. Is a Simmons/Medina combo enough to get this done? That I’m not so sure and I’d be hesitant to go any bigger in higher tiered prospects to get it done.

Ethan Witte: Not sure I see the fit with Escobar here, particularly since Bohm hasn’t been as bad in June and July as he was in April and May. Taking him out of the lineup now would seem to be unwise unless that person replacing him is an impact bat (re: Bryant, Kris), but Escobar could be a nice piece as a utility guy, moving around the infield dirt and the outfield corners 3-4 times a week.

Leo Morgenstern: Probably not. Escobar would improve the 2021 Phillies, and this trade package doesn’t hurt the farm system too much. That being said, it makes a lot more sense for the Phillies to target an outfielder at the deadline this year. I wouldn’t want the Phillies to go after Escobar unless he turns out to be the only difference-making player in their price range.

Allie Foster: I’m hesitant for two reasons. First, I don’t really see the need for another infielder at this point. With Bohm, Segura, Gregorius, Torreyes, Williams, and Maton all fully capable of metaphorically holding down the fort, I just don’t see the point in adding yet another infielder - especially one who is strictly a rental. The second reason I’m hesitant is the combination of both Medina and Jones in the same trade. Medina and Jones are two of the few pitching prospects capable of reaching the majors in the near-future, and since pitching is the organization’s biggest hole right now, I don’t think giving them both up in the same trade for just one infielder is advisable.

Jose Ramirez (3B)

2021 Stats: 82 GP, 19 HR, 52 RBI, 8 SB, .260/.346/.524, 2.9 rWAR

Cleveland are continually falling behind in the AL Central Race (8 games) and Wild Card (4.5 games). Do they sell? The front office loves clearing money off the books. Jose Ramirez has been one of their top producing offensive players for nearly 6 seasons and this year has been no different. He is an excellent defensive 3rd baseman to boot. The real trick here is you are essentially purchasing two additional years with team options for both 2022 and 2023 at a low cost of $11 and $13 million, respectively. Then what does that mean for Alec Bohm’s future? Well...

Suggested Trade Package:

Phillies: Jose Ramirez
Cleveland: Alec Bohm, Dominic Pipkin, Jhailyn Ortiz

Would The Good Phight do this trade?

Jay Polinsky: You are essentially selling off a big piece of your future here by including Bohm. The Phillies have so few of those homegrown pieces as we speak and shipping out one of the most high profile of them would certainly be sending a signal to other young players. However, you’d be getting a cost-controlled legitimate 3B during the team’s most competitive seasons (in theory).

Ethan Witte: Yes. 1,000 times yes. And then yes again. This is the type of deal to trade Bohm in. I still believe that he’s going to hit and hit for power....but Jose Ramirez is a yearly MVP candidate. Anyone who even pauses at this offer before accepting it is crazy-pants.

Leo Morgenstern: Yes. Ethan’s right, I would accept this trade without a second thought. Unfortunately, that means that I don’t think Cleveland would even entertain it. They don’t need to sell Ramirez yet, so they’re not going to give him up at this deadline unless it’s for the perfect package.

Allie Foster: This is about the only trade proposal I would actually accept that includes Alec Bohm, but like Leo said I doubt Cleveland would even consider it. This is the type of deal I expected the team to be in on two years ago, after acquiring both Harper and Realmuto in the same off-season. It sends a message that the front office wants to contend now, and is willing to make the moves necessary to do so. I don’t think that message is accurate, though, which is one of the major reasons I doubt guys like Bohm will be available.