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Rise and Phight: 7/26/2021

Hey hey, another big series. Who would’ve guessed!

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

I think one of the things we are not talking about too much this season is Jean Segura’s defense. Yesterday’s play in the seventh inning saved that game. There is no disputing that. Too many times this year, we have seen Aaron Nola having a solid game only to fall apart when things get a little tough. Letting Austin Riley double to start off the inning seemed like it was going to be the beginning of the type of inning where Nola would fall apart. Then Segura did this.

Now, let’s imagine how this inning could have gone had the ball gone through. Would Riley have scored? Maybe, maybe not, but at best, the Braves have runners on the corners with no one out. The bullpen would’ve gotten activated and who knows where it would have gone from there. It’s a play that deservedly gets a lot of recognition and Segura has done this type of thing all year. Among qualified second baseman, Segura is the leader in outs above average. He’s been excellent this year on a defense that has been “porous” at best.

Segura has been the team’s best, most consistent hitter this year. When he went on the injured list, the production from the offense suffered, but so did the defense. He probably won’t win a Gold Glove this year because those awards are often based on reputation, but the statistics back up how much he deserves it.

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