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Phillies deal for Tyler Anderson is off; he’s moved to Seattle

After being poked with a stick, the front office does something (no they don’t)

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Arizona Diamondbacks Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED AGAIN: It’s all the way done. Not only is the move to Philadelphia done due to physicals, Anderson has been moved to Seattle.

It’s really kind of a bummer that Anderson isn’t coming here as he would have fit perfectly a role the team needed him to fill, especially a day after the start that Matt Moore gave the team. Alas, he is Seattle-bound and the team continues its search for starting pitching.

UPDATED: Then again, maybe not.

The Phillies have helped their beleaguered rotation today by trading for Pittsburgh’s lefthander Tyler Anderson.

What is the team getting in Anderson?

Looks like a solid innings eater that they have sorely lacked in the rotation this year. One of the issues that they have had is that no one other than Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola can pitch past the fifth inning. Anderson?

He doesn’t strike out a lot of batters (20%), but he also limits walks (5.8%) and home runs (1.39 HR/9), and on a team that has had to run out Matt Moore, Chase Anderson and Vince Velasquez with regularity that would make Metamucil blush in jealousy, Tyler Anderson will be a welcome addition.

The prospects that the team gave up in the deal aren’t part of their top tier.

We’ll have more on this deal later on, but for now, good for Fuld and Dombrowski for addressing an issue with the team.