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Rise and Phight: 7/8/2021

Why aren’t they playing day games in Chicago?

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

MLB schedules some weird things. The Phillies played the Braves for what felt like every week at the beginning of the season. It felt like they played a National League East team every single day for two months. And now, in another weird scheduling quirk, the Phillies are in Chicago to play the Cubs and will not play a day game. It’s an odd thing because Chicago plays so many of its home games during the day, the way the game should be played.

Personally, I wish that MLB would go back to the unbalanced schedule. People around here should be treated to players like Fernando Tatis, Jr., Kris Bryant and others of their ilk more than three times a season. If you give kids a chance to see the marquee players of the league more often, maybe you’ll see them at the ballpark more often. People sounding the death knell for baseball are exaggerating to the greatest degree, but it would help some of the sagging popularity if people got a chance to go out to Citizens Bank Park and see someone other than the Marlins 18 times a season.

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