Alec Bohm Becoming the Teams Automatic DH Has a Major Issue With It

So the Phillies had an excellent week by sweeping the Nationals and the Mets over the weekend and now find themselves 1.0 games ahead in the NL East (lost last night to the Dodgers) but over that stretch, there was one glaring issue that we would be talking about if not for the 8 game win streak. Alec Bohm's defense, it feels like background noise at this point but Alec Bohm did make 3 errors in the Mets series and it would have been four if not for him making a strike over to first base to get an out. Now we all know that he could be the DH when/if it comes to the National League, but I have one major problem with this.... a lot of guys need to DH like Hoskins because he's bad defensively, Harper will need to DH when he needs a break or his back is bothering him a little, if we bring back McCutchen in the offseason he'll need to DH because of his leg, J.T will need to DH because he's a catcher and needs a break, and Didi will need to DH because of his elbow. So would you take Bohm's bat over any of these players? for me I'd take his bat over maybe 1-2 guys (McCutchen and Gregorius) but the rest I would not. So what do you do with a guy who has the potential to be an excellent hitter but at best is a very below average defender and my answer to that is... I have zero clue on what to do.