Andrew Knapp Needs To Go

Yes folks I said it, Andrew Knapp needs to go. Now you might be like "well he is a great locker room presence and knows the pitching staff" but at the same time you have to remember that he's been here since 2017 and the starting catcher, J.T. Realmuto has been here since 2019 a whole two years shorter than Knapp. So I don't agree with that argument. Now everyone should know that Knapp is having a bad year, he is batting 158, with a 215 OBP, and SLG of 233 for an OPS of 449 with 120 at bats this season. Now I do understand that players go through bad seasons but Knapp has never been a good hitter with the exception of the shortened 2020 season where he batted 278 in 72 at bats. In 2019, he batted 213 in 136 at bats, in 2018 he batted 198 in a career high, 187 at bats, and in his rookie season, he batted a solid 278 in 171 at bats but he was a rookie so there was limited film on him. So now defensively, this year he is throwing out a career worst, 11% of baserunners but his career high is 29% but he only started 30 games that year so it was in limited action. But the biggest reason I would get rid of him, is because I am super high on Rafael Marchan. The top catching prospect who isn't hitting well with a batting average of 193 but he is an elite defender who so far this year has thrown out 43% of the runners who try to steal on him. So Andrew, thank you for your services but it's time for the Phillies to move in a different direction.