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Rise and Phight: 8/16/2021

It’s not all that bad

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MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

That was a disappointing end to a homestand. Sweeping the Mets to start things off was the best possible outcome. Losing two of three to the Dodgers was disheartening, but expected. Losing two of three to the Reds? That one stings a bit.

The team didn’t get a Zack Wheeler start, but after the string of excellence he has put together this season, spotting him a mulligan seems appropriate. Especially when one considers the type of defense the team played during the game, blame can’t totally be pinned on him. The game on Sunday also was disappointing, but even with the poor performance (again) from Aaron Nola, the team should have escaped the ill fated seventh inning unscathed but for some equally poor umpiring from Sean Barber. It’s never the umpire’s fault that a team loses, but boy did Barber play an exaggerated role in the loss.

Still, the Phillies are in an enviable position. They head out to Arizona where they should at the very least take the series from the worst in baseball Diamondbacks. They’ll get a tough task when they head to San Diego next, but this is still a team that has a very good chance at making the playoffs. It was a disappointing end, but by no means was it THE end.

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