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Gamethread 8/21: Phillies at Padres

Anotha one…

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was fun.

The Phillies should do it again. Taking the first game in the series was an important win. First of all, it helped staunch some of the bleeding they’ve been doing of late. Second, they gained some needed ground in the wild card race, beating one of the teams directly in front of them. Tonight, they’ll get a chance to do it again, albeit without two of their biggest bats on the team. You’re here for the lineups, so let’s go.

For the Phillies:

J.T Realmuto gets a needed off night, even though he did have a ringing double last night. Rhys Hoskins still remains sidelined, something the team needs to continue to work through.

For the Padres:

Joe Musgrove is on the mound for the Padres, so I hope the Phillies like sliders.

Let’s talk about it.