Here the Phailures go again

Then put your little hand in mine...

Yeesh guys and gals, I feel like we've seen this movie from the Phailures before haven't we? "Oh my god a big series win over X team, (usually the Mets) they have a real shot at making the playoffs now!" This is immediately followed by the team falling apart at the seams against beatable opponents (not the Marlins this year so bonus points for variety) and falling out of the playoff picture all together. This result was really predictable sadly. It's all this team has ever done over the last 4 years. The 2018 team had the excuse of being young and inexperienced but this team is supposedly in its prime. I don't want to hear about the so called "high expectations" for the team this year, they were picked to finish around .500 and that is exactly what they will do, though at this point I would be shocked if they even did that.

I don't want to see the "oh well what were you saying when they won 8 in a row??" smartasses in the comments. First off, I was taking some time in the timeout corner. Secondly, I was saying along the lines of "this is fun but they are playing the LOL Mets, Nationals, and Pirates. Who by the way, they lost 2 of 3 to. Also in the Naitonals series they should've lost two of those games as well. It was an obvious mirage and it was really kind of funny to see people act like suddenly after having been the defenition of drek the entire season that the Phillies had magically rediscovered the art of winning. Give me a break.

Don't get sucked back in:

Don't be fooled by this teams absurdly easy schedule on paper, they will choke and die painfully throughout the last 39 games of the season without fail. Because again, that's all this group does, come up small. I'm frankly tired of seeing people point the finger at Nola or Hoskins or any one player in the later months and say "oh well if they had done better this team would have made the playoffs in the last 4 years." This is particularly true of how unfairly Nola was treated last year because he didn't win the last start of the season after the bullpen probably flushed 10 wins down the toilet by being historically fucking terrible. This losing late in the season is a team effort.

Didi can't hit or field for shit, Cutch only hits lefites, Herrera is either hot as the sun or cold as Pluto, and third base is a band aid covering an oozing wound. I said almost two months ago that this team wouldn't win because they simply weren't good enough, and what do you know? They aren't good enough. It was obvious to anyone who was willing to see it that the team could not add enough at the deadline to fix the endless holes on this roster. Anyone who dared to say that this team couldn't be fixed was told that the only reason they were saying that was because of the loss on that night and they were overreacting. Am I still overreacting?

I have not been seriously invested in this team for more than about 3 percent of the games this year. I've started to laugh at this teams failures. My father, who loves baseball to death hasn't given a shit about this team essentially all year except for the second game of the Mets series in August we went to. If you get suckered in by this core then you are simply begging for the Phillies to hurt you. They will surely provide one more moment of hope this season where they get close to the Braves again (I'd guess this week since it's part of the last of the hard part of Atlantas schedule), but they will then fall of the face of the Earth harder than they are right now. That's how it always works with this team, fall apart slightly in August, rally, then totally die in September.

The rebuild has failed

I'm going to go on a more condensed bit from my previous post about the people who go "oh well if they couldn't rebuild last time why should they try this time?"

So, what then? The team is supposed to sit on aging players as they accomplish nothing and get worse and worse until those old players either leave or have no value? You guys know the saying about Monkeys and typewriters.

I'm going to use an analogy from a game I play to describe this situation. In this game (Factorio) it is up to the player to make a factory that operates as smoothly as possible to defend themself from the local alien life and eventually build a rocket to get off the world. At some point the player may realize that their initial design is kind of garbage, here the player has two choices, tear it down and redo it or keep going with it until they are eventually screwed over by it in the end game. The Phillies are at that crossroads right now. Keep going with a design that is failing over and over and be screwed 3 years from now or redo it now when it will cause the least amount of pain.

My opinon is that if the length of the contracts or how recently they have been signed factors at all into how the front office or ownership deals with this team then they are awful at their jobs. This particular team has failed reliably since 2019, I don't care that "Oh mY GoD wE sIGneD JT lAsT OfFseAson". It's time to start over. The Phillies are currently doing what the Pirates did for a few years which is hope that literally everything on the face of the Earth goes right for them and they outperform their win expectancy by like 10-15 wins and maybe they then sneak into the playoffs. This is not a healthy way to run a team. The Phillies have already lost any potential trade value from not trading Cutch when he was hot at the end of July, they would be wise not to waste anymore.

The future is bleak:

The future is not bright for this team, next year Herrera, and Cutch are gone. Bohm likely will have to go back to third or play DH. Didi has fallen off the face of the Earth. And lastly, Harper has a chronic back issue which if you think for a moment won't be a persistent issue the rest of his career, I would laugh in your face. There's no farm to speak of nor will there be soon since none of the guys who could be traded to fix that issue are apparently tradeable according to fans (JT, Wheeler). Hoskins would net a few people but not many and teh same goes for Nola. This team is FUCKED. At least I have the Steelers and my Esports team SSG who actually won a world championship last year. The Phillies, well, I'll watch them prove me right year after year as the FO desperately somehow plans to make them win as they get older and less productive every passing year.

Enjoy the show

It's time to get popcorn because it's going to be entertaining to see how this group of perennial losers somehow convinces upper management that they are worth devoting another year to.