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Gamethread 8/25: Rays at Phillies

They need to win this game because Atlanta isn’t playing

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

You only get so many chances to make up ground in your own division when the other team isn’t even playing. Usually there are days when you’re playing and the other team is off. Rarely, if ever, does it occur where you are playing two days and the other team has both days off. The Phillies have this chance these next two nights.

The Braves are off tonight and tomorrow thanks to some scheduling hijinks. That affords the Phillies with the opportunity to make a game up if they win both of them. They must, however, start tonight and they must do so while hitting the ball for a change. To that end, they have made some changes to the lineup. Here is that lineup.

For the Phillies:

Rhys Hoskins is starting tonight in the hopes he can provide a spark like he did in San Diego. Freddy Galvis makes his triumphant return to Philadelphia, manning shortstop behind Zack Wheeler. This is probably the best defensive alignment in the infield the team has right now.

For the Rays:

Ryan Yarbrough is one of those pitchers that seems to flummox the Phillies. With his ability to throw an effective changeup, he’ll take on that lineup that hasn’t shown much lately.

Let’s talk about it.