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Gamethread 8/26: Diamondbacks at Phillies

I’m not sure I can watch this

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Arizona Diamondbacks Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Last night was a debacle. The manager did not put his team in the correct position to win the game, the catcher’s gamecalling was suspect at best, terrible at worst and the first baseman looked like he had only one functioning leg.

And still, they had a chance to win. Had the manager acted accordingly and used his (properly warmed up) closer in the ninth inning of a tie game at home, there is the possibility we’re coming off a victory. That would, of course, require the team to score runs, which has been a tall task of late.

Tonight, they’ll get their chance to get off the schneid and take out their frustrations on a bad team. Of course we said that last week and look what happened. Here are the lineups.

For the Phillies:

Zach Eflin was supposed to start, but he is no longer available. Matt Moore is on turn, so he’ll get the ball. No Rhys Hoskins now with his headed to the injured list.

For the Diamondbacks:

Again - this isn’t a major league lineup. They should win this game.

Let’s talk about it.