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Rise and Phight: 8/27/2021

Where the Phillies have become an episode of M.A.S.H.

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MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The team had a double barrel shot of bad news yesterday when they found out Rhys Hoskins’ season was over and Zach Eflin had to be scratched from his return start to the rotation. At this point, not much should be expected from Eflin as we are almost into September and he will need at least three or four starts to get back to where he was pitch count-wise. You have to wonder what the point is, if maybe it would be more effective for him to just be a reliever at this point. Maybe he can find a little giddyup on his fastball that would make him effective. Anything should be tried to help this team get into the playoffs.

Losing Hoskins means that a path might be found to get Alec Bohm back to the majors, possibly to share in a platoon at first with Brad Miller. Another option would be to bring up Darick Hall to play first, but that seems to be playing a little with fire since he’d be thrust right into a playoff chase and have to get acclimated to big league pitching. But, as I said before, anything should be tried to get this team to the playoffs. If they feel Hall is the better option, then Hall should be the one who gets the call.

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