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Let’s celebrate this winning streak with some new shirts from BreakingT

Some sweet swag selling here

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We’ve written here about how Bryce Harper is beginning to emerge as an MVP candidate. He has been having one of his best seasons this year prior to the winning streak he has currently led the team on, but these eight games have reinforced how good he is to many of the doubters still looking at the team. Harper gets ridiculed more often than not for his perceived lack of production, but that is mostly from people who simply look at his contract and expect him to hit a home run every at bat. You, dear reader, are much more enlightened to the fact that production is more than pounding a ball over the wall, so you are already well aware of what Harper brings to the team.

With all that in mind, BreakingT has created some impressive new shirts to help push Harper’s candidacy into overdrive. Here are the shirts they are putting out.

The inversion of the P to a B makes the MVB shirt all the more personal to Harper’s run the is on. The addition of the famous “Ring the Bell!” phrase gives another unique twist on the standard home run call. Both of these shirts are must haves for anyone looking to add to their Philadelphia Phillies collection.

Here is your link to these shirts.

Grab them now and wear them with pride as the team continues its march towards October baseball.