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Rise and Phight: 9/10/2021

“At least Bryce Harper is still awesome,” he said for the second night in a row.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Ranger Suárez continues to be really good. It’s awesome, but I really don’t understand it. Is he benefitting from opposing teams not yet having a good enough scouting report on him? I know he’s looked better this season than ever before, but he still doesn’t look this good. And yet he continues to get results. I love it.

Ian Kennedy is not very good. It is weird that they just decided he would be the closer. The Phillies bullpen is not good, but the front office and the manager are doing nothing to make the best of it either.

Hector Neris is great and I will not forgive Dave Dombrowski if he doesn’t re-sign him. I’m serious. Hector could blow his arm out next season and the Phillies could go on to win the World Series and I would still never forgive him for letting my favourite player leave.

I said this on Twitter last night and I stand by it.

Okay, that’s enough of my thoughts. You can read more about last night’s game in Lauren’s recap. Time to hit the links.

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Get it? Hit the links!
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This day in Phillies (recent) history

  • It’s another edition of this day in The Good Phight/Phillies history. Let’s go back to the glory years.
  • On this day 12 years ago, the Phillies lost 8-7 to the Nationals. They may have lost, but I still enjoyed the rush of nostalgia I got from reading the names Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard in a game recap.
  • Here’s an Onion article called “Chase Utley Takes Seventh-Inning Stretch Too Seriously.” Sometimes it’s nice to have a Phillies related laugh instead of a Phillies related cry.
  • How about this piece in the Inquirer by Matt Gelb, entitled “Scout stuck by Domonic Brown, and it paid off for Phils.” LMFAO. Back to Phillies related crying I guess.
  • Technically this article is from 13 years ago as of tomorrow, but we don’t do links on the weekend and I needed to share this one, entitled “Are the Phillies done?” from September 2008. #OldTakesExposed

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