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Bryce Harper should be the MVP

What are we even doing here?

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

Listen, I’m a man of few words. Bryce Harper should be the MVP of the league this year, regardless of what happens the remainder of the season. Making the playoffs would obviously win him more votes among the unenlightened, but anyone who knows the game knows that without Harper on the team, they’re borderline unwatchable.

So, instead of boring you with all the reasons for why (that’s later), here are some tweets:

Even when the team was going bad, Harper never ducked. He has been the team’s constant, but he’s also been the one to face the media when the going got tough. The accountability that has sometimes been missing on this team is there. He’s a leader, the one who has put the team on his back.

Let’s bask in this together, friends. Let’s use this outlet to establish once and for all why he should be the leader of the pack for that hardware. It’s crystal clear to us, it’s beginning to become clear to the national media, but we need to let it get out: Bryce Harper is the National League MVP.