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Gamethread 9/18: Phillies at Mets

A win today is a series win and a season series win

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Phillies win the game today, they would take the season series from New York. More importantly, it would put more pressure on the Braves to keep winning to maintain their lead over the Phillies. Only two games back now, the Phillies could really use another win and they could really, really use a good start from Aaron Nola tonight.

There isn’t a point to rehashing what Nola has been like this year; that’s what offseason report cards are for. Instead, we have to do what we do with every Nola start in 2021: hope the good version shows up.

Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

For the Mets:

It’s a big on and it’s on national television, so let’s hope the team puts on a good show for a bigger audience. Let’s talk about it.