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Get your MV3 shirt today from BreakingT

It is time

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Listen, you might be getting annoyed at all of our chatter of Bryce Harper being the MVP. Unfortunately, you’re going to be disappointed to learn that we don’t plan on stopping. There really isn’t much of a question that he is in the lead, no matter what Fernando Tatis, Jr. does in San Diego. That dugout confrontation will linger in the mind of voters who are looking for those winning intangibles that separate players packed this tightly.

So, join us as we support our MVP by snagging this cool t-shirt from our friends at BreakingT.

You’ve seen us tweet out the catchphrase “MV3”, so now you can also join in and show the world that the MVP of the National League resides in Philadelphia.

To order this awesome shirt, click on this link to take you right to the spot you need. Take a look at all of the other materials while you’re there.