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Let’s make a push for Jean Segura to win a Gold Glove

He’s been very good and deserves to be recognized

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It looked like an easy play, but it surely was not.

What should have been a sure double play turned into one that almost got overturned had it not been for the hands, feet and arm of Jean Segura. Let’s look at all three parts.

First, the hands that he has to grab an errant throw from Zack Wheeler is incredibly impressive. He moving towards second base to make sure he is in contact with the base to get the first out, yet is able to contort his body and use his glove to snag a ball headed for centerfield. Then, using his quick feet, he’s able to make sure he touches second base and still get himself in position enough to make a throw that will beat a fast runner going to first to ensure the double play. Finally, the arm.

Hooo boy, the arm.

That cannon was what made the play since without Segura’s ability to throw the ball as hard as he is able, that play doesn’t get made.

It’s sort of become the standard for Segura this year. As a shortstop, he was always kind of middle of the pack defensively, limited by his range, but as a second baseman, particularly these last two years in Philadelphia, he has become part of the elite with the glove.

This year, using OAA (outs above average), Segura finds himself jostling for the top spot at second base with Tommy Edman. It’s been a back and forth affair for most of the season, with Segura occupying the top spot more often than not this year. He’s been on the highlight reel often, so let’s bask in some of the clutch plays he’s made.

As people who watch Segura on a nightly basis, these are but a few plays that show the highlight reel plays he has made this year. What he’s also done is make the routine plays pretty regularly. He does have the fourth most errors as a second baseman among qualifiers (10), but the amount of times he’s been quality have far outweighed them.

Winning a Gold Glove will be difficult as voters tend to stick with players for a while even if they don’t deserve it. Kolten Wong has won the award for the National League and will be difficult to knock off, especially as his team goes into the playoffs, but Wong is also having a down year by his standards. His 2 OAA would be tied for the lowest he’s put up since 2017. That other year was 2020 and he still got the Gold Glove since it was a 60 game season.

The odds are against Segura winning the award, yes, but he has earned it. The numbers are there and the plays are there. Let’s get behind this cause as a fanbase.