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Gamethread 9/29: Phillies at Braves

Is it good Nola or bad Nola Night?

Philadelphia Phillies v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

2021 has been a game of roulette with Aaron Nola. Spin the numbers and hope you land on the “Good Nola” space for that night. More often than not, though, we’ve been getting “Bad Nola” in September starts, something that the team cannot afford to get tonight. When last he toed the rubber, he was getting shelled by the Pirates for an inning before keeping them at bay long enough for his offense to mount a comeback.

Tonight, that cannot happen. Atlanta is not Pittsburgh.

Here are the lineups. For the Phillies:

I don’t really agree with Didi facing a lefty in this game, but I’m also not sure what other options there are. Freddy Galvis is struggling just as much and Joe Girardi doesn’t look like he wants to use Alec Bohm as a starter. Guess we’ll just have to hope for lightning in a bottle.

For the Braves:

Let’s talk about it.