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Rise and Phight: 1/11/2022

Hello there.

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Peoria Javelinas v Salt River Rafters Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Prospect season is going to start heating up pretty soon and the debate about the Phillies and their top prospect is going to be interesting. The consensus is that the top three will be Mick Abel and Bryson Stott as the top two and Andrew Painter as the third. Having Abel and Stott as interchangeable will be interesting since it’ll depend on what you as a fan of the game like. Are you a fan of a prospect that has the potential to be an ace? If so, you’d probably lean Abel as your top prospect. Do you like hitters who have shown that they can hit advanced pitching and are knocking on the door of the majors? Step on up, Bryson Stott.

I’m not sure you can go wrong either way, but personally, until the pitcher with top of the rotation stuff shows he cannot be that pitcher, he has to be considered your top prospect. The only way he wouldn’t be is if there is a bat that is a no-doubt, close to the majors All-Star candidate the way Spencer Torkelson is or Juan Soto was. Again, a total preference of mine, but I’d be interested in what you think.

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