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Rise and Phight: 1/13/2021

A trickle of news on this fine Thursday

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Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Yesterday we saw that Fangraphs released their prospect list for the Phillies while, according to their own calendar, Baseball Prospectus will release theirs this Friday. The reports on the players were a little more optimistic than I had thought they might be. The system is not a great one by any stretch, but it’s also not a dumpheap like some make it out to be. It helps to be top lined by Mick Abel and Bryson Stott, but having someone who could explode this year in Johan Rojas, or someone who is going to be throwing his first significant innings this year in Andrew Painter and there is reason for optimism.

On to the links.

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