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Hittin’ Season #530: 2022 Phillies prospects check-in

This week, we talk to Baseball Prospectus’ Jeff Paternostro discusses the Phillies on their top 101 prospects list.

Fall Stars Game Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

No free agents, no trades, no baseball news of any real note, but we do have prospects!

This week, both Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus released their lists. The BA Top 100 had just two Phils on their list, Mick Abel and Bryson Stott. BP’s Top 101 had three Phils, Abel, Andrew Painter and Stott.

On this week’s edition of Hittin’ Season, Jeff Paternostro, BP’s Lead Prospect Writer joined the show to talk about those three players as well as a few others, including Logan O’Hoppe, Matt Vierling and young pitching prospect Griff McGarry, who they have as the team’s No. 4 prospect.

Unfortunately, the Phils are not well represented in their top 101, at least not compared to the Marlins, who have six, and the Braves who have five. The Mets and Nationals both have three, but both have prospects much higher up in the rankings and closer to the big leagues.

Paternostro also stops by to discuss the problems with the current amateur international signing process and what, if anything, can be done to change it.

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