MyRevised Plan for Phillies for 2020

First and formost,end the lockout. It looks like we will be stuck with the DH in the NL. This means more platooning of players will be necessary. Very little pinch-hitting is used with the DH 1B: R. Hoskins 1B/ DH (DH Vs LH pitchers) Cost: 7.6 Million 2B: Jean Segura Cost: 14.85 Million SS: Brayon Scott (Nick Matom if Scott fails) Cost: 0.575 Million 3B: Mat Verling OR Luke Willimans Cost: 0.575 Million RF: Bryce Harper Cost: 27.539 Million CF: Seiya Suzuki (From Japan)(5 years 50 Mil) Cost: 11.0 Million Pay fee to get him 10.175 one time LF: Daulton Varsho (Trade) also third Cather VR pitchers Cost: 0.575 Million Luk Willimas or Mat Verling VL pitchers Cost: 0.575 Million C J. T. Realmuto 1B VL pitchers Cost: 23.875 Million Rafel Marchin when Realmuto is at 1B or rested Cost: 0.575 Million DH Alex Bohan VL when Realmuto is catching Cost: 0.575 Million Emergency 3B (Work on hitting first)(Work on defense to play 3B more) Brad Miller VR (Also versatile substitute player) Cost: 3.5 Million Bench: Jachem Camargo Possibly 3B VR pitchers Cost: 1.4 Million SP #1 Zack Wheeler Cost: 26.0 Million SP #2 Ranger Suarez Cost: 0.575 Million SP #3 Aaron Nola Cost: 15.5 Million SP #4 Zack Effin Cost: 6.0 Million SP #5 Carlos Rudeon (Free Agent) Cost: 3.0 Million Bullpen Closer; Trevor Rosenthal or Kenly Janson (Free Agents)(LH)Cost: 11.0 Million Ser Anthony Dominquez (Set up and occasional closer)(RH) Cost: 7.28 Million Corey Knebel (Set-Up) (RH) Cost: 5.25 Million Kent Emanuel (Set-Up) (LH) Cost: ,575 Million Jose Alvarado (LH) Work on Control Cost: 2.0 Million Kyle Gibson (Long Relief/Spot Starter)(RH) Cost: 7.0 Million Jo Jo Romero (LH) Cost: .575 Million Archie Bradley (Free Agent-resign) (RH) Cost: 7.0 Million Total: 184.969 Million Plus one-time fee above Trades: Garrett Stubbs (C)plus Mickey Moniak (OF) plus Scott Kinery plus if necessary Sam Coonrod for Daulton Vansho (AZ-OF-C) Didi Gregorius (SS) to Yankees or anyone that will take him for minor league player (A level) Connor Brogdon (RP)for Minor league prospect Sam Coonrod (RP) unless above for Minor league prospect (package both if necessary)Try to get young 3B with strong defensive skills Use players on 40 man roster or minor league players if necessary in package Give Realmuto a look at 3B in the Spring. (If this is a better option, do not go after minor league defensive 3B) At the break, if Williams or Verling fail at 3B, Move Realmuto to 3B Bring up Logan O'Hoppe to replace Realmuto at C. Send Williams or Verling down to minors. This may be a good plan for 2023 as well It givesLogan O'Hoppe more time to get ready at AAA Send extra players on the 40 man roster to the minors. Bring them up if needed for injures, etc. This lineup gives the Phillies a speed advantage on the basepaths as well. The Phillies will need to work on situational hitting and trying to move runners up or steal more bases to get players in scoring position. The hitting coach needs to have all players work on putting the ball in play more with two strikes and not striking out. Stop looking at close called third strikes and foul those pitches off instead. I think this plan will make the Phillies competitive with the Braves and Mets. If the Phillies do not fill the wholes at 3B, CF, LF, Closer, and improve the Bullpen, it could be a long year battling the Marlins for third place in the NL East