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Who should the Phillies have throw out the ceremonial first pitch in the NLCS?

We try and curate the best “playlist”.

MLB: NLDS-Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Let us please take another moment to recognize that we are now in mid-October and THE PHILLIES ARE STILL PLAYING BASEBALL. No this isn’t scheduling tomfoolery, the Phillies have advanced to the NLCS in the year 2022 after laying waste to the St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves. We pour one out for each vanquished foe and wish their fanbase the best (lol).

In the first two home playoff games in 11 years, the Phillies pulled out some stops to inject some energy into the ballpark by giving fans special guests to throw out the ceremonial first pitches. (though it proved to only incite an already rabid fanbase)

In Game 1 the guest was none other than the Flyin’ Hawaiian himself, Shane Victorino. To introduce him they played his epic grandslam in the 2008 NLDS. As yours truly was in attendance, I can attest that the place was BUMPIN’. Game 2 featured the underappreciated Pat Burrell on the mound to kick off the eventual NLDS clincher.

This now brings us to the question...who should the Phillies trot out, dig up or bestow the same honor in the NLCS? If you might have guessed...I have thoughts! There are some folks I would save for a possible World Series. They wouldn’t be limited to Brad Lidge, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels to name a few. Now on with it...

NLCS Game 1 -

I believe you need to capture the right energy in a Game 1 and really set that table for the rest of the series. For this, you MUST get Jimmy Rollins. JRoll himself had some epic NLCS moments to play for his “hype” video (hello, 2009). The crowd will eat this up...because I would eat it up.

NLCS Game 2 -

It is important that you get this one right to set the tone. To me, there are only two choices here. The obvious first pick would be Rollins’ battery-mate, Chase “The Man” Utley. However, given his recent commitments to his overseas work for MLB...will he be available? We need some sort of back-up. I’m reluctant to give this to anyone on the 1980 team and the best choice (Tug McGraw) has sadly passed away. I’d stay away from Larry Bowa and Mike Schmidt (do not hate me). With that, I’d give it to the best Phillies pitcher of all-time Steve Carlton. Yes, he had a love/hate relationship with the media/city over the years. However, seeing Lefty on the mound could really set the tone.

NLCS Game 3 -

I will be at this potential game, so perhaps this is just what I really want to see. This is the last home game of the series and last shot to wrap this up in front of your fans. Not that is an emergency, but we were told to use Stairs in case of emergency. Yes, the Moonshot himself, Matt Stairs should throw out the first pitch with his NLCS homerun beforehand. To me its absolutely perfect :chefkiss: