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Rise and Phight: 10/3/2022

One more to go...

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Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images


It’s a lonely number, but today, it’s our favorite number. Thanks to a tense game in Milwaukee between the Marlins and Brewers, one that the Marlins were ultimately triumphant in, the Phillies’ magic number is a single, solitary game.

One more game.

Yes, the Astros are throwing their best pitchers as starters this three game series, but let’s be honest: are they really going to risk them with 6+ innings? I admire Dusty Baker for not rolling over in this series, but he’s also a pretty smart guy. He’s not going to risk his own team’s health just for the “integrity of the game.” We’ll have to see exactly how he plays it, but I cannot imagine that we’ll see the starters very long.

It all comes down to these three games.

Just win one of them.

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