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2022 player report card: Didi Gregorius

We’ll always have the emoji tweets

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Another member of the fallen Phillies of the decade long rebuild, Didi Gregorius was left in the dust after he failed to perform in 2022. After getting off to a slow start, Gregorius never really recovered as the season progressed. Joe Girardi continued to trot out his friend from their Yankee days, instead of giving Bryson Stott time to grow. With a Jean Segura injury stalling long term plans, Gregorius hung around for longer than he should have.

Just days after the trade deadline, the Phillies organization had officially seen enough of Sir Didi, releasing him on August fourth, as Jean Segura returned form the injured list. Gregorius failed to latch on with another team, ending his 2022 season with less than impressive numbers.

2022 stats: 63 G, 232 PA, .210/.263/.304, 1 HR, 19 RBI, 15.5 K%, 5.6 BB%, 58 wRC+, -0.4 bWAR

The Good

There really was not much good in 2022 for Didi. If you look back to 2020 and 2021, there was enough to justify him as a solid contributor to the squad and someone who could help the team win. He was steady defensively in 2022, posting a .991 fielding percentage, a 3.1 ErrR, and a 0.7 UZR. The problem is there is not a single good offensive stat, making it hard to justify the $14 million or so the Phils had to dish out to him for the season.

The Bad

Everything on the offensive side was just really, really poor. Didi displayed no power, bad contact skills, and a lack of instincts at the plate, which led to quick at bats that were unproductive. His ISO sat at just .093, the lowest of his baseball career.

I liked Didi and really hope he worked out for the 2022 season, but he just fell off a cliff faster than anyone could have imagined. It opened the door for Bryson Stott and the kid impressed enough to be the everyday shortstop deep into the postseason.

The Future

Didi will likely never be a Phillie again, as it does not appear that the 32-year-old would ever fit into the Phils future plans. Gregorius is currently playing in Puerto Rico, as he hopes to put on a strong winter season, to find himself a new deal back in the bigs.

I’ll root for Gregorius to get back into MLB, so we can see more of his emoji tweets and jovial persona.