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Phillies decide Dave Dombrowski is alright, give him a longer look

I guess he can stick around...

MLB: NLDS-Workouts Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Wouldn’t it be nice to be rewarded for coming in second place?

I mean seriously, Dave Dombrowski didn’t even win the big one. His team came up two games short and they thought that was good enough to pry him away from returning to his dream job of bringing Major League Baseball to Nashville.

I mean, I guess...

In all seriousness, Dombrowski (along with the help of GM Sam Fuld) were able to guide a team with some serious flaws to within two games of a parade down Broad Street. It was a minor miracle that they were able to get as far as they did, and that’s a testament to the coaching staff mostly.

But let’s not forget the role that Dombrowski played here.

Someone had to get John Middleton to open up the purse strings just a little bit wider. You may not be a huge fan of the signing that caused them to cross that threshold, but the mere fact that the owner whisperer that is Dombrowski was able to do so showed that they were serious about winning. He made the final decision to move on from Joe Girardi, he let Jeurys Familia and Odubel Herrera and Didi Gregorius go without receiving a thing in return and he kept the money flowing at the bottom of the roster to help foster a fluid situation with the team until the right mixture was found. Those are the reasons just as much why Dombrowski was kept on board as much as it is the big name free agent signings.

Having made the World Series now, he’ll be tasked, again, along with Fuld, of making a roster that can make another run at a championship. Will that involved a little more cash from Middleton’s pocket entering the team payroll? Will it involve him cashing in prospects to render a final boss trade? We’ll have to wait and see, but it feels a lot better having someone like Dombrowski in charge now for the foreseeable future than what the franchise had before.