Phillies 26 Man Roster 2023 (Back to the World Series)

For the Phillies to get back to the World Series again and win it in 2023, they will most likely need to spend more money than the 230 Million tax level. I suggest the following: 1B Rhys Hopkins and Darrick Hall (Hall is the better defender)(Hopkins could DH at times) 2B Bryson Stott SS Trea Turner (Free Agent) 3B Alec Bohm RF Nick Castellanos (Until Harper can play the Outfield again, Then move to Left Field) CF Brandon Marsh (VR) Matt Vierling (VL) LF Kyle Schwarber (Move to DH when Harper is able to play the outfield) C J. T. Realmuto Back up Garrett Stubs INF back up Edmundo Sosa INF/Outfield Backup Dalton Guthrie Nick Maton DH Hopkins until Harper returns Then Harper and later Schwarber If Hall performs well, look to trade Hopkins when Harper is able to play the outfield. Starting Pitchers Option A #1 Wheeler #2 Carlos Rodon (L) Free Agent #3 Arron Nola #4 Ranger Suarez (L) #5 Andrew Pinter or Baliey Falter (L) Odd man out goes to AAA and is called up for doubleheaders Option B #1 Wheeler #2 Nola #3 Ranger Suarez (L) $4 Chris Bassett (FA) or Jose Quintana (L) (FA) or Shane Bieber (FA) #5 Andrew Pinter or Baliey Falter (L) odd man out goes to AAA Bullpen Jose Alvarado (L) Seranthony Dominguez A. Chafin (L) FA) Don Robinson (FA) resign A. Bellati C. Brogdon B. Hand (L) Resign Nick Nelson (or trade?) or Griff Mc Gary or Sam Coonrod I prefer at least three lefthanders in the bullpen for balance. Look to trade Rhys Hopkins when Harper returns if Hall does the job at 1B. This is Hopkins' last year on his contract. The Phillies will need to have four quality starters and a solid bullpen to have any chance of beating Houston in the World Series should there be a rematch in 2023 Carlos Roden would be the best fit to make the Phillies' top four starters great. If they cannot sign Roden, the next best option is to sign Bassett or Quintana as the fourth starter. Shane Bieber may fit as well. I would like to see the Phillies resign Hand and get Chafin for the bullpen so they have three quality lefthanders in the pen. Don Robinson did a great job for them and adds a nice veteran to the bullpen. Resign Robertson. There are several options for the last spot in the bullpen. Trea Turner would be a great addition at short unless Sosa can man short and Stott can handle 2B. Maton and Guthrie would be sold backups. The Phillies need to think about base running speed with the new rules for 2023. That option would be less expensive than Turner. That would also open a spot for another young player in the outfield.