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Philadelphia Phillies Christmas Tree Lighting With Coach Charlie Manuel & Phillie Phanatic

Happy Smarty-days!

TGP’s resident equine presents a gift to the readers

Nothing says “holidays” like the Phanatic in a Santa suit
| Photo by Tom Briglia/Getty Images

Now that we’re eleven-twelfths through, I can say that 2022 has been a good year for Phillies fans. Sure, some of the months (May) weren’t as much fun as others (October) but in the end, we got to see the Phillies not only return to the postseason but win a few series once they got there. Considering this was only the eighth year in history that the Phillies have been a participant in the World Series, I feel comfortable putting the 2022 into the “successful” column.

Since this has been a special year for readers of The Good Phight, I wanted to make sure the final month was just as special. Therefore, I will attempt to write a new post here every day during the month of December in an effort I like to call “Happy Smarty-days!”

This calls for some Andy Williams!

Please keep in mind that I’m not promising to write 31 good posts. Many days will be player report cards, possibly of players you forgot even played for the Phillies in 2022. Some days, the post might only be tangentially related to the Phillies. And some days’ content will likely be little but filler. If this bothers you, feel free to ask for a full refund.

How better to get everyone into the holiday spirit by sharing footage of the Phillies’ Christmas tree lighting featuring “Phanta Claus?”

See you all tomorrow (and the 29 days after that as well)!

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