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2022 report card: Darick Hall

Is this your DH?

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The backup quarterback is always the most popular guy around. With the Phillies, that equivalent will always feel like whoever is able to take over for Rhys Hoskins. In this case, it’s Darick Hall and his megawatt power and megawatt smile.

But let’s be realistic.

Hoskins is the first baseman. Hall is the backup plan, to be used in case of emergency.

2022 stats: 142 PA, .250/.282/.522, 9 HR, 16 RBI, 31.0 K%, 3.5 BB%, 120 wRC+, 0.4 bWAR

The Good

Listen, any time a guy comes up from the minor leagues and destroys major league pitching right away, that’s a good sign. It’s probably a sign that major league pitching doesn’t have the full scouting report on him, but I digress.

In 2022, there were 297 instances where a player hit two or more home runs in a game. 61 of those players did it two or more ties. Hall was among those 61 players. No matter how you slice it, that is a solid job of hitting.

The Bad

In 2022, Hall had a total of 142 plate appearances in the major leagues.

Twelve of them came against left-handed pitching.

It was pretty clear that the team had no desire to have Hall face anyone throwing a baseball from the port side of the mound. That might work for some teams, but when that player is unable to

1) face left-handed pitching
2) can only play first base defensively

that becomes an issue from a roster construction standpoint.

Of course, yet again, there will be some people who say the team can just trade Hoskins and play Hall at first base.

That is lunacy.

Probably just a good idea to listen to the team’s internal decision makers, who used him sparingly and on an as needed basis.

The Future

As long as he accepts that he’ll likely only get recalled to the majors if a major injury happens, Hall should stick around with the club. There might be someone who would want to take him on a flier to get a cheap 1B/DH type (think: Oakland), but he has almost no trade value for the team.

Grade: B

I mean, he did hit nine home runs...

He did his job when the team needed some power and that’s about it. He couldn’t hit lefties, but the team was ok with that. He did almost exactly what they needed of him.