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The Phillies’ early season giveaways will offer plenty of reminders that they’re the defending National League champions

National League Championship Series Game 5: San Diego Padres v. Philadelphia Phillies
You will not be able to forget who the NL Champs are
Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Phillies have released a partial list of their promotional giveaways for the 2023 season, and it shouldn’t surprise you that their status as National League champions is heavily featured. If you had somehow forgotten about their recent run to the World Series, don’t worry: The Phillies are planning on giving away plenty of free swag to remind you.

First up is Opening Day on Thursday, April 6th. All fans will receive a replica 2022 blue pennant:

I realize that the sponsors want to make sure that they’re properly represented, but the Nemours logo really takes away from the effect here. They couldn’t have put the logo on the back of the pennant instead?

If Opening Day wasn’t enough, the team will also have Opening Night! On Saturday, April 8th, to mark the first night game of the 2023, they’ll be giving out National League Champions T-shirts to fans 15 and older.

I’m slightly curious why they went with navy-blue instead of red. Maybe it’s because the Phillies use blue for their National League championship flags, but the shirt appears darker than the blue on the pennant above or the one in their color scheme.

If the kids felt short changed by not receiving that T-shirt, they’ll have a promotion of their own as Saturday, April 22nd is Cavity Busters Kids Opening Day. And all guests 14 and younger will receive a National League Champions knit hat.

I won’t lie, that’s a nice looking hat.

If that wasn’t enough, the very next day, the Phillies will be giving out T-shirts to fans 14 and under.

They didn’t outthink this one. Put the Phanatic on a shirt, and the kids are going to enjoy it.

There are several other giveaways listed, but they haven’t yet provided specifics or images. But I have a feeling that at least one or two of them will similarly commemorate the Phillies’ 2022 National League title.