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Phillies players as characters from Christmas movies

Which Phillie would be called upon to lead Santa’s sleigh?

Seattle Mariners v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Merry Christmas Eve! To keep with the holiday spirit, I’ve provided you with this post in which I compare Phillies players and staff to characters from famous Christmas movies.

Rob Thomson: Noelle

Someone else was supposed to get the important job, but when that guy proved unable to hack it, the formerly overshadowed, more qualified person took over and did a great job.

Zack Wheeler: George Bailey

In an alternate reality, the Phillies signed Patrick Corbin in 2019 and therefore didn’t sign Wheeler the following year. Things have not gone well for the Phillies in that reality.

Alec Bohm: The Grinch

After showing disgust for a certain city, his heart eventually grew, and he learned to love the city and its people.

Seranthony Dominguez: John McLane

He wasn’t supposed to be the hero of the bullpen at the start, but despite being thrust into tough situation after tough situation, he somehow kept emerging victorious.

Jose Alvarado: Heat Miser

When it comes to his fastball, Alvarado likes it hot. REAL hot.

Craig Kimbrel: Randy Parker

This speaks for itself:

Kyle Schwarber: Frosty

He’s big and jolly, and only seems to thrive in certain months. (In case you were curious: June for Schwarber, December for Frosty)

Aaron Nola: Cousin Eddie

Sometimes you wish things were a little less chaotic, but for the most part, it’s fun to have him around.

Bryce Harper: Rudolph

Despite being sidelined earlier to a physical ailment, he certainly came through in the clutch.

Can you think of any I missed? Either way, I hope all our readers wound up on the nice list and wake up to find everything their heart desires under the tree!