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More commercial fun with Pete Rose

When advertisers wanted to sell grooming products in the eighties, there was one man to call

Pete Rose circa 1983
Pete Rose was the advertisers’ choice in the early ‘80s
Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images

Earlier this month, I shared a commercial for Aqua Velva featuring former Phillie Pete Rose. Apparently, advertisers thought that men really wanted to take grooming advice from Rose, because he’s back in another commercial, this time for Grecian formula.

For those readers who were around back then, was Rose considered a sex symbol? Was this really a guy who people wanted to emulate? Even if it wasn’t grey, was that hairstyle even remotely cool?

I guess so, because they brought him back for another round the following year:

He says Grecian helps him play younger, but ironically, 1982 was his worst season in years, with his average dropping to .271, and he was rated as being worth negative wins above replacement. So maybe the Grecian wasn’t helping all that much?

While we’re at it, here’s another commercial from another early ‘80s Phil:

Not only is Tug McGraw the author of the greatest moment in Phillies history, but he’s also a decent actor. Look at the way he chugs that 7Up! I really believe that he loves the stuff. His daughter doesn’t seem to have the same natural acting ability, but in her defense, she appears to be around six years old, so I’ll cut her some slack.