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Rise and Phight: 12/29/2022

Vaya con dios, Jean

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MLB: Miami Marlins at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The writing was on the wall the whole season.

No matter how well either Bryson Stott or Jean Segura was going to play, the team was going to spend money on the shortstop position. That meant that Stott was going to move to second and the team was going to move on from Segura, his contract expired and his services desired elsewhere.

Now, it seems that somewhere is Miami.

The Marlins have agreed to a two-year deal with Segura, curiously the word “shortstop” attached to the news.

Segura provided a lot of moments here in Philadelphia, some good, some not so good. He was an underrated player for the team’s National League pennant winner, one that won’t be forgotten easily by the diehards.

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