Fourth Starter Needed

Now that the Phillies have Tra Turner (Pending a Physical) it is time to pick up a free agent starter for the fourth rotation spot. Possibility #1 Jose Quintana (2 years) 2.93 ERA 6 wins 7 losses with Cardinals in 2022 He would give the Phillies more time for Abel to develop at AAA. Possibility #2 Taijuan Walker (1 or 2-year Deal)3.49 ERA 12 wins and 5 losses for the Mets in 2022. He also has up potential. Neither of these pitchers was given Qualifying Offers. Let Pinter and Falter battle it out for the 5th starter position in spring training with the loser going to AAA to be the swingman for doubleheaders. In the Bullpen, I still think the Phillies should resign Don Robertson who posted a 2.40 ERA and 2.6 War last year, and Brad Hand who posted a 2.80 ERA and 5 saves last year. Both did a good job last year. I would like to see another lefthander. Maybe David Price's 2.45 ERA with the Dodgers in 2022 would work? Aroldis Chapman coming off an off-year with the Yankees 4.46 ERA and 9 saves, but has a 2.45 ERA and 315 saves lifetime is another possibility but may be too expensive.