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Rise and Phight: 12/9/2022

The shortstop musical chairs dance is almost done

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MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

It feels weird that the team has crossed the Rubicon into the ways of spending money. For most of us who grew up after the 1970’s when the team was a big spender, it can be a little jarring to see the team acting like the big media market that it is.

Not that it’s a bad thing.

This is how the team should be treating the city. The fans will come out to see a winner. This postseason has proven that. There is a palpable excitement in the air when it comes to talking about the team. It’s just that whenever we talk about them acting like one of the big markets in the game, well, that can be weird. Good, even a bit necessary, but still weird.

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