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San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies

2012 Week: 2012 Phillies trivia

How well do you know the 2012 Phillies?

Jonathan Papelbon recorded a lot of saves for the 2012 Phillies, but so did three other players
| Photo by Rob Tringali/SportsChrome/Getty Images

I generally have a good memory, especially when it comes to my favorite sports teams. For instance, every year I take the Sporcle Opening Day lineup quiz and score highly. But ten years can dilute a lot of memories, especially when many of these non-playoff seasons tend to blend together.

Let’s see just how well you remember the 2012 Phillies with twenty questions about the team.

You can put your answers in the comments, and if you want to check, you can say how many you got right. But please don’t confirm any answers as correct to avoid spoiling it for others.

  1. Which outfielder had the most plate appearances?
  2. Excluding two bullpen games, seven different pitchers started games for the Phillies. Name them.
  3. Who led the team in home runs?
  4. Name the seven Phillies who had double digit home runs.
  5. One Phillies player had two multi-home run games? Who was he?
  6. Which player recorded a seven RBI game?
  7. Which player recorded a five-hit game?
  8. Name the players who made the All-Star team?
  9. At their peak, how many games over .500 did the Phillies reach?
  10. Of the nine players the Phillies received in trading away Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence, Joe Blanton, and Jim Thome, only one was still active in 2021. Who is he?
  11. What pitcher suffered the first loss of the season?
  12. In addition to Jonathan Papelbon, who were the three Phillies to record saves?
  13. In the Phillies’ final win of the season, four pitchers threw a combined shutout. Name two of the four.
  14. How many home runs did Michael Martinez have for the season?
  15. Three different opposing players hit six home runs against the Phillies over the course of the season. Name one of them.
  16. One player hit home runs in three consecutive games against the Phillies. Later in his career, he joined the Phillies and hit one (game-winning) home run for them.
  17. A former Phillie made seven appearances against the team without allowing a single run. Who was he?
  18. The team scored nine runs in a single game against which future Phillies pitcher?
  19. In Cliff Lee’s ten-inning start, which pitcher eventually took the loss?
  20. The Nationals nicknamed their stadium “Natitude Park” when facing the Phillies at home in 2012. What was the Phillies’ record in nine games at the lamely re-named stadium?

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