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Continued Success #167: What DIDN’T Former Phillies Relievers Get Up To??

Still waitin’ for real news... but rebuild memories abound!

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Atlanta Braves v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There were a lot of pitchers... and I mean A LOT... of pitchers who threw baseballs for the Phillies during the agonizing and failed rebuild from 2012-17.

Deolis Guerra and Zach Miner were two of them.

I know what you’re thinking, why are you mentioning Deolis Geurra and Zach Miner here in February of 2022? Well, only because you didn’t realize they were Phillies when they were actually playing in this city and you’ve long forgotten about both. But both have a story to tell and, on Episode 167 of Continued Success, Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh take a stroll down memory lane to tell us their stories, including how one (you’ll have to listen to figure out who) was a volunteer sex ed teacher as a teen.

Also on this week’s episode... Matt Gelb’s outstanding story on Phillies prospect Daniel Brito in The Athletic, the Nationals showing a lot of faith in cryptocurrency, and some chatter on MLB’s Labor WARz.

You can also stream the show here!