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Rise and Phight: 2/22/2022

It’s Twosday!

If you have a child in school, chances are they are celebrating “Twosday” today. The date and day of the week match up perfectly enough that they will be sick to death of the number by the time they return home.

The most recent player to wear the number 22 for the Phillies was of course Andrew McCutchen, but the most famous to wear the number was Mike Schmidt. Before he became synonymous with the #20 in Philadelphia, Schmidt was assigned 22 when he debuted in the majors. He’s switched over to his iconic number the following season, but for a brief moment, the team almost had an all-time great wearing the #22 in their history.

On to the links.

Phillies news:

  • Not much going on in the world of the Phillies. Maybe today something will happen.

MLB news: