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The Good Phight State of the Union

Our annual gaze inwards

EU Commission President delivers State of the Union address Photo by Philipp von Ditfurth/picture alliance via Getty Images

Each year, I like to take stock of our website here. Always looking to get better, it’s really hard to look at yourself and see how you can better produce quality content that readers will enjoy. That being said, in order to grow as a group, we have to ask for constructive criticism.

What do we do well?

What can be better?

How can we as a website improve?

To answer these questions, we are asking for your help. Below, you’ll find a link to a survey asking you for your help. Give us some feedback on what we can improve on here at The Good Phight so that we can move forward and be better. There are several questions where we ask you to rate us from “You’re Michael Martinez” to “You’re Michael Jack Schmidt”. I’m wondering about everything - the recaps, the analysis, the podcasts, all of it.

Please take just a few minutes to help us out. It is most appreciated as we gear up towards 2022 - whenever that might be.

The Good Phight’s State of the Union survey