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REPORT: Player’s union, owners cannot agree to a new CBA deal

It’s been a long time

MLB Owners Meetings Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images




In negotiations that could literally have been avoided many, many days ago had the owners not decided to play a collective fiddle while the game burned, the two sides could not find common ground, MLB giving a “best and final” offer and the MLBPA rejecting it.

After days of watching grown men walking back and forth across parking lots, days of “unhappy” attitudes toward offers, and after days of way too many Twitter alerts about every single little detail, there will not be baseball in March.

There won’t be baseball in April in all likelihood.

The pure, unadulterated greed of the owners, particularly of those who even had the gall to make a pending lawsuit against them contingent on their agreeing to better parameters in a CBA, have caused the game to hit pause.

One word does spring to mind now that all of this is behind us: