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REPORT: Players, owners have a deal

It’s done

MLB: AL Wild Card-Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports



This lockout ending.

Though it has not exactly felt inevitable, we all knew that baseball was going to get played. 162 games, 145, 100, 60, whatever the number was going to be, there was going to be a 2022 season. Now, after four months of owner-imposed nonsense, there appears to be a new CBA agreement between the players and owners.

The devil will be in the details, of course, but if the players have agreed to it, then it must not be a bad thing. We all said that in 2016 and look how well that turned out, but for the present, there will be baseball and that right soon. Kudos to the players for sticking together through this nonsense and making sure they weren’t pushed around by the owners.

Now, we can begin watching the flurry of moves and the opening of spring camps can begin.

More to come later.