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Rise and Phight: 3/15/2022

So yesterday was busy, huh?

New York Yankees v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Just when it looked like the offseason was still in its infancy stages, it burst forth and bloomed. Free agents are signing, trades are being made and the very fabric of the game is being tinkered with!

Ok that last part may be a bit hyperbolic, but yesterday was a wild day. The Phillies were busy, adding a center fielder and another reliever, but also they won a bit when Freddie Freeman moved on from Atlanta. While the Braves are getting a very, very good first baseman, Olson isn’t Freeman. It’s a downgrade for Atlanta, albeit a small one. Even small downgrades, though, can help the Phillies get closer to the top of the division.

On to the links.

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