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REPORT: Phillies sign Kyle Schwarber

Let’s get crazy

MLB: ALCS-Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

After initially only committing to one free agent during the pre-lockout phase of the offseason, the Phillies have decided to enter the deep end of the pool instead of keeping their swimmies on in the shallow end. Prior to this, it was just relievers and the dominant half of a center field platoon, but now, they’ve gone big game fishing.

They got a big one.

Signing Schwarber fulfills a few of Dave Dombrowski’s demands. We saw in his end of season news conference that Dombrowski had a few goals he wanted to meet this offseason and depending on how you look at it, signing Schwarber helps check off a few boxes.

Middle of the order-type hitter? Check - .266/.374/.554 in 2021 with 32 HR and 74 RBI.

Left fielder? Sure he can - he posted a -6 OAA number as a left fielder, but if the team continues to try and upgrade center field defense, this may not be much of an issue. Plus, they lived with Andrew McCutchen there and Schwarber will give more offense than McCutchen.

Leadoff hitter? Well - when Schwarber led off for Boston and Washington, he posted a 1.216 OPS out of the leadoff position. That’s simply incredible.

So yeah, Schwarber does fill in a lot of holes the team has currently, plus gives them a solid option should the team decide he’s the best option for the DH now that it it’s in the National League. For now, they can live with his defense so long as he keeps hitting as he did in 2021.

More to come about this move here at The Good Phight.